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What is The Ostal Project?
Ostal is an audiovisual art project by artist Cooper Simpson. The Ostal Project derives influence from people and experiences, attempting to encapsulate this using 3D imagery, animation and sound. Ostal is forever evolving, and is constrained to no artistic medium, method or style.

What is the history of the project?
The project started in 2015, purely as a music project under the name "Ostal". I soon realised I wanted to expand the brand to include my visual works, thus "The Ostal Project" was born. Over the years I have released music, animations, and managed to complete a piece of art everyday for 600 days in row. In mid 2020 I discovered the world of cryptoart and began minting some of my work.

What is the purpose?
The purpose of this project is to simply create without any limitation. To create and release into the world what I want without feeling like I need to meet any expectation or fit into a certain style. This allows me to share my creative vision without any boundaries.

What is planned for the future of the project?
To explore new ways to create art and incorporate it into existing methods in a meaningful way. Currently I am looking at the idea of using coding or AI as a means to modulate or generate audio/visual art. I also plan to explore the artistic possibilities within the realm of virtual and augmented reality.


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